Invitation: CFC Training Course & Seminar

Invitation to CFC Training Course & Seminar

No. Course (Click to Register) Time Venue Registration deadlines
1 NMR Training Course – Manual Shim (Bilingual:English & Mandarin) 2022.6.27(Mon.)~7.1(Fri.) NMR Room, Core Facility Center, B1, Health Science Building 2022.6.30
2 MetaDrug & MetaCore Training Course (first course) (Mandarin) 2022.6.30(Thu.) 14:00-16:30 Online Course 2022.6.29
3 Attune NxT Training Course – Multi Color Panel Design (Mandarin) 2022.7.5(Tue.) 14:00-15:00 Online Course 2022.7.4


The Core Facility Center of the Office of Research and Development at Taipei Medical University will host a series of seminars and training programs for instruments. We invite those who are interested to register with us.
For information on the program schedule, and details on the online program, please click on the following link: Core Facility Center xms system

If you are a TMU faculty or staff member and wish to register for the course, please register using this website: 人才發展系統
This course counts toward the continuing education points of faculty members and the education training hours required of staff members.
Please fill out the questionnaire within one month after the course.